Controlling a Huge and Grand Crowd

When I go to a place were there are lots of people or when there’s a huge crowd involved, I would always make sure that I’m safe. How? By checking how they handle crowd control. I’m scared of stampede or any panic that would possibly arise. For example in concerts where there’s a huge crowd watching, I want to make sure that the place has TensionLine Retractable Belt Stanchion Posts, MajesticLine Stanchion Posts, or even MajesticLine Velvet Ropes with Snap Ends. Before, I had no idea what these are called, but I would always make sure that these are present in the crowded areas.

I guess I make sure I’m safe because when I was a kid, I had several experiences in crowded areas which were traumatic. So now, I’m very alert in these type of places. I hope you do the same!

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