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The World’s Most Expensive CHEESE!

Did you know that the most expensive cheese in the world originated from a moose. This is only produced in one farm and only produced at a specific time of the year. The farm that only produces is is Moose House, a 59-acre moose farm located in northern Sweden. It is where the cheese is produced from three foundling moose named Gullan, Haelga, and Juna. The family sells it at high end Swedish hotels and restaurants for about $500 per pound. With this comes Pule, the most expensive cheese in the world.

Pule comes from the Zasavica reserve north of Belgrade, capital of Serbia. A kilogram of the smoked cheese is priced at €1,000—around $616 per pound—but has no special ingredients beyond 25 liters of donkey milk.

Amazing isn’t it?

* Details and Photo from www.expensive-net.com.